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Answer of the NKR MFA Spokesperson to the Question of

2015-02-12 16:09

Question: How would you comment on Azerbaijan's attempts to present the meeting between the NKR Minister of Foreign Affairs, Karen Mirzoyan, and the EU Special Representative, Herbert Salber, in the context of an intercommunity dialogue?

Answer: As it was already reported, during the meeting Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic Karen Mirzoyan and the EU Special Representative for the South Caucasus and the crisis in Georgia, Herbert Salber, exchanged views on a range of issues, including the possibilities and prospects of cooperation between the EU and Artsakh.

As to the Azerbaijani side’s attempts to draw parallels with Herbert Salber’s meeting with the so-called Azerbaijani community of Nagorno Karabakh, it is worth mentioning that the EU Special Representative and other officials hold meetings with representatives of various NGOs as a part of their job. This structure, which proclaims itself as 'the Azerbaijani community of Nagorno Karabakh', was registered in Azerbaijan as an NGO in 2006. Except its name, it has nothing to do with Nagorno Karabakh. The Azerbaijani authorities created it with the aim of distorting the essence of the conflict and politicizing the civil peace-building initiatives.

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