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Answer by NKR MFA Spokesperson Ani Sargsyan to agency

2015-09-26 13:00

Question: On September 25, as a result of rocket and artillery fire from the Azerbaijani side four soldiers of the Defense Army of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic were killed. The day before, three civilians were killed from Azerbaijani fire in Tavush region of Armenia. How would you comment on such actions of Azerbaijan?

Answer: It is regrettable that Azerbaijan undertakes such actions at a time when the OSCE Minsk Group mediators are holding meetings with foreign ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan on the sidelines of the 70th session of the UN General Assembly aimed at the de-escalation of the situation.

Rejecting the mechanisms for investigating incidents on the line of contact between the armed forces of Nagorno Karabakh and Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan thus creates and uses a situation in which the mediators are unable to determine the true culprit escalating tension, and deliberately narrows the space for the resolution of the Azerbaijani-Karabakh conflict by peaceful means.

We call on the international community to exert effective methods to bring the Azerbaijani authorities to sobriety and take steps towards eradicating the causes of the escalation of the situation, instead of making appeals aimed at eliminating the consequences.

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