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Stepanakert and Franco Da Rocha Became Twin Cities

2016-03-02 20:12

On February 3, the City Council of the Brazilian city of Franco da Rocha unanimously adopted a decision on declaring Stepanakert and Franco da Rocha twin cities, with the aim of establishing friendly relations between them.

It is noted in the decision that it will serve as a basis for the implementation of various programs and agreements, which will promote the establishment of cooperation between the cities in social, economic, and cultural spheres.

The decision also provides for an exchange of information between the cities in the spheres of culture, tourism and sports.

The draft decision was introduced by member of the City Council Antonio Lopes da Silva and endorsed by Mayor Francisco Daniel Celeguim de Morais.

Municipality of Franco da Rocha is situated in the State of Sao Paolo and has a population of about 145.000.

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