Comment by Spokesperson of the NKR Foreign Ministry Ani Sargsyan to News Agency - MFA NKR

Comment by Spokesperson of the NKR Foreign Ministry Ani Sargsyan to News Agency

2016-04-28 19:21

Question: How would you comment on the accusations of the Azerbaijani side that the NKR Defence Army is shelling the civilian population of Azerbaijan?

Answer: With such statements Azerbaijan has once again demonstrated that its cynicism and zeal to justify the failed military aggression unleashed against the NKR and numerous war crimes being committed by the Azerbaijani army know no bounds.

Undeniable proofs of the NKR Ministry of Defense that Azerbaijan deploys its military objects in the settlements along the frontline in violation of the norms of the international humanitarian law and thus turning them into firing positions, which threaten the peaceful population of the NKR, demonstrate the utter falsehood of the claims and criminal nature of the tactics of the military-political leadership of Azerbaijan.

We have already stated that in order to guarantee the security of the NKR and its people, as well as to promote peace and stability in the region, NKR authorities will take diplomatic and other measures to ensure the full implementation of the agreements of 12 May 1994 and 6 February 1995, and to exclude the possibility of developments along the criminal scenario planned by the Azerbaijani authorities.

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